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— El tercer viaje a Chapelco [2020]

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Diego Ballestrasse researches the imaginary potential that contains the photographic medium, his work raises a reflection around the multiple temporalities that each image carries, as well as the mechanisms which activate memory and the inherent subjectivity in our perception of images.


Four Walls Studio

Architecture & Interior Design Photography
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Four Walls Studio is a platform through which Diego Ballestrasse manages to unify his greatest passions: architecture and photography. Diego studied until the fourth year of the career of Architecture at the University of Buenos Aires (non-graduate), once based in Catalonia he graduated as a Technician in Artistic Photography in Barcelona (EASD Serra i Abella). Since 2009 he has developed his career as a photographer and visual artist combining his work as Architecture & Interior Design photographer.

Why Hire A Professional Photographer?

In our visual-media driven world, photography can be your strongest marketing tool or your brand’s biggest downfall. Quality is key! If your business aims to provide high quality design to clients, the photography on your website and other marketing materials should match that quality. Phone snapshots may be great to show your process or “behind the scenes” on Instagram, but nothing beats the attention to detail and specialized skillset of a professional photographer when documenting completed projects. The quality of the photographs on your website could be the difference between securing that new client or turning them away before you even have the opportunity to talk.

When choosing a photographer, it is important to find someone whose style matches your vision and who has demonstrated skill in documenting work similar to your own. You can review my portfolio to see if Four Walls Studio would be a good match for you, or reach out by using the Contact page if you have a specific request.


Thanks for reaching out! 

It’s always helpful to discuss your photography needs, branding goals, and any specific projects you may be interested in having photographed (including the location, timeline, and how you plan on using the images).

I’ll email you rates and image licensing details based on the information you’ve provided. We can then schedule a phone call to meet and go over any questions you may have.


Let’s make a shot list!

The more detailed or specific the list, the better. If you have this ready to go, that’s great! I’m also happy to help plan out a list by talking through the project, looking over phone shots, or scheduling a scouting trip.

Natural light plays a key role in my shooting style. We’ll try our best to plan the day around the position of the sun.

Most of my shoots are weather dependent, so I try to leave room in my schedule for flexibility. If it’s going to rain I’ll almost always recommend rescheduling, but the final decision is up to the client.

Once we’ve decided on a date and time, I’ll send over a contract. A signed contract and retainer fee are required to officially book your shoot.

I highly recommend that clients style their projects to be photo-ready a day before the shoot whenever possible. This makes the styling part of the shooting process much more streamlined and allows more time to create images.


The day we’ve been waiting for!

I’ll meet you at the project site and unload my gear. Before getting started I always like to do a walk-through with you (especially if we haven’t previously scouted the location together). This helps me understand all the design elements we’ll be focusing on and get a better idea of the space and how the natural light will be changing throughout the day.

Now it’s time to set up my gear and get started on the first shot. I’ll take a few minutes to frame the shot in camera before showing the you a live-view of the image on an notebook. We’ll review all the details, making adjustments to the camera position and furniture/styling as needed.

Depending on the production level, I will work with a photo assistant, you, or on my own to manipulate the lighting in the space and start capturing exposures. Each shot can take up to 45 minutes to set up, style, light, and capture, but this varies greatly depending many factors.

At the end of the day, we’ll review the shots to make sure we’ve covered everything before packing up.


Time to pick your favorite shots!

After the shoot, you’ll receive a gallery of un-retouched previews. You can make selections online or send a list of your choices over email.

Once selections are confirmed, I’ll begin the retouching process. Many layers of different exposures are artistically blended together by hand using Photoshop. General and localized color adjustments will be made as needed, and I’ll take care of any simple cleanup, such as removing cords, outlets, dust, etc. Major changes, such as adding art or removing scaffolding can be requested for an additional fee.

The completed images will be delivered as print and web-sized JPEG files via a WeTransfer download link within two weeks of making selections. You are then welcome to request additional retouching adjustments if needed.

Ask Me Anything!

For any questions, please email me at diegoballestrasse@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!